If you or someone you know needs urgent mental health and/or addictions support,  please call the

Huron Perth Helpline and Crisis Response Team at 1-888-829-7484.

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Community Homes for Opportunity

The Community Homes for Opportunity Program (CHO) offers more than just a place to live. It provides supportive housing with 24-hour supervision in a group home setting for individuals with serious mental health issues. CHO staff will ensure that each client’s unique needs and choices are assessed and addressed. The CHO Program in Huron Perth is accountable to the Ministry of Health and services are provided by, and administered through CMHA Huron Perth. Homes within the CHO Program are independently owned and operated, however they are inspected annually by Fire, Public Health, and CMHA Huron Perth staff. The CHO homes are in both a rural and urban area in Perth County located in St. Mary’s Ontario.

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