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World Sleep Day highlights importance of sleep for health

CMHA is recognizing World Sleep Day on March 15 to remind Ontarians that sleep is important for mental health and well-being. Studies show that insufficient sleep changes activity in some parts of the brain. For example, when experiencing sleep deficiency, individuals may encounter challenges with decision-making, problem-solving, emotional regulation, behavioural control, and adapting to change. Sleep deprivation is also linked to depression, suicide, and engaging in risk-taking behaviours.

The 2024 theme for the day is Sleep Equity for Global Health, highlighting that while sleep is afundamental necessity of life, differences in sleep health across populations have serious consequences and reinforce health inequities. The causes for these disparities can be both social (e.g., psychological stress, financial strain, hunger, threats to safety) and environmental (e.g., light, temperature, noise, air quality).

For tips to enhance your rest and sleep quality, with an eye on the different approaches you can consider, check out the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health’s Rest and Sleep infosheet, or take the free virtual course on improving your rest and sleep.    

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