Programs and Services

The Addiction Supportive Housing (ASH) program is designed to meet the needs of Perth or Huron County individuals who are precariously housed or are homeless. It is a therapeutic program for individuals who would benefit from intensive addiction case management and safe, affordable housing. Potential participants must be a client of CMHA Huron Perth before a referral to the program will be made. Individuals may live independently or within shared accommodations in a transitional housing model.  Shared accommodations are abstinence based and the program takes a harm reduction approach.  Prior to completion of the program, individuals will be supported through the transition to independent housing. A detailed treatment plan will be created with participants to meet their individual needs and goals and will include counselling and life skills training. This treatment plan is a part of the participant’s occupancy agreement.  Participants are required to follow guidelines and expectations of the program and meet weekly with their assigned Intensive Addiction Case Manager to work toward their outlined goals.

Primary eligibility includes:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Current problematic substance use and history of multiple entries in treatment continuum
  • Homeless, at risk of being homeless or marginally housed (current and historical record)
  • Unable to obtain or maintain housing without support
  • Willingness to identify substance use goals including moderation or abstinence
  • Capability and willingness to constructively participate in ASH program
  • No serious and persistent mental illness or Acquired Brain Injury which significantly impacts insight and judgment

Stable source of income (such as OW or ODSP)

CMHA Huron Perth offers free, practical and confidential services to anyone in Huron and Perth Counties who have concerns about their own or someone else’s alcohol use, or drug use.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment
  • Information and support
  • Individual counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Referral to residential treatment services

Referral to community services

The Back on Track Remedial Measures Program (BOT) is for persons who have been convicted of impaired driving, or registered a blood alcohol level in the ‘warn range’, and may have to complete the Back on Track program before your license can be reinstated. 




Once you have been convicted of impaired driving, or been informed that you must complete the BOT program, you can begin the process to complete Back on Track by visiting their website at  or by calling (416) 595-6593, or their Ontario toll-free number at 1-888-814-5831.  This is the provincial office for Back on Track. You must register with the provincial BOT office and pay your fees before you can be admitted into CMHA Huron-Perth’s BOT program. Once you have paid your fees, you can call any BOT ‘site provider’ in the province of Ontario. CMHA Huron Perth is the site provider for Huron, Perth, Grey and Bruce counties.

You can reach CMHA Huron-Perth’s BOT office by calling (519) 271-6730 ext. 400. You may need to leave a message, because our BOT intake worker may be busy helping someone else. Please speak clearly when you leave your message, and remember to leave us your phone number. We will return your call by the end of the next business day.

Convicted Drivers

The BOT program consists of three parts – assessment, either education or treatment workshop, and follow-up. Once you are eligible to drive again, you will need to have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle that you drive.

The first step in the process is to schedule an assessment, which will determine which BOT workshop you must attend – education or treatment.  Education workshops are held on selected weekends, in Stratford and Owen Sound.  Six months after you complete your education or treatment workshop, you will have either a face-to-face or telephone follow-up. Once you have completed your follow-up, you have completed the Back on Track Program.

Warn Range Drivers

Warn Range suspension drivers require the one day education or two day treatment workshop only.

CMHA Huron Perth works with individuals experiencing symptoms mental illness who require support to live and work in the community. Case managers provide on-going support as needed in order to stabilize, achieve goals, and improve quality of life. Case Management services are tailored to the individual, based on their identified goals for support. Participation in the Case Management Program is a prerequisite to obtain CMHA Huron Perth supportive housing.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Goal setting and support with treatment planning
  • Advocacy
  • Education and resources about living with mental illness
  • Referral and connection to various community services
  • Support engaging in activities of daily living while managing mental wellness
  • Connection to in house addiction services

The Community Homes for Opportunity Program (CHO) offers more than just a place to live. It provides supportive housing with 24-hour supervision in a group home setting for individuals with serious mental health issues. CHO staff will ensure that each client’s unique needs and choices are assessed and addressed. The CHO Program in Huron Perth is accountable to the Ministry of Health and services are provided by, and administered through CMHA Huron Perth. Homes within the CHO Program are independently owned and operated, however they are inspected annually by Fire, Public Health, and CMHA Huron Perth staff. The CHO homes are in both a rural and urban area in Perth County located in St. Mary’s Ontario.

CMHA Huron Perth provides comprehensive community withdrawal support services and addiction services to residents located in and around Huron and Perth counties.

The program will be tailored to individual needs and works within a harm reduction philosophy. Community Withdrawal Support Services allow clients the opportunity to withdraw in a safe and supportive environment, either at home or another safe location. Clients will be connected with a nurse who will work with them to develop a safe plan for withdrawal, including monitoring and support during all stages of withdrawal.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-withdrawal planning
  • Acute withdrawal monitoring
  • Post-acute withdrawal support
  • Transitional Case Management
  • Education


Services are provided via telemedicine, telephone and face-to-face consultations by a team of Registered Nurses.

This program provides support for people involved in the Criminal Justice System who have issues related to substance misuse and/or mental illness. Clients access services voluntarily through self-referral and/or by recommendation from the Criminal Justice System. Court Support Workers connect with clients in custody, in court and in community settings in both Huron and Perth counties.

Support can include:

  • Attending court with individuals
  • Supporting in the court diversion/pre-charge diversion process
  • Assisting in release from detention and re-engagement within the community
  • Psychoeducation and accountability, in a group setting, through the Why’s of Addiction Program, multiple times each week
  • Referral to community treatment with a CMHA Huron Perth Addiction Counsellor and residential treatment where appropriate
  • Referral and collaboration with other appropriate community services including probation and parole to provide wrap around support to individuals 
  • Confirm individual’s attendance/participation in CMHA Huron Perth services during Court proceedings
  • Provide support regarding the court process, assist in obtaining disclosure and help locate appropriate legal representation

The Family Support program provides family members, caregivers, and friends with tools to help in the recovery process of a loved one.  Participants will learn about mental illness, coping strategies and community support for both themselves and the individual who is struggling with their mental health or addiction. Services include group and one on one education sessions, peer support meetings, and skills coaching.

Heart to Home Shelter Outreach and Housing Stability program has a mandate to provide emergency shelter for those individuals in need of cold weather supports.  In addition to emergency shelter, Heart to Home also provides wrap around supports that are provided by trained professionals including trauma informed care, substance use, and mental health supports. The goal of Heart to Home is to transition those accessing emergency shelter, experiencing homelessness or are precariously housed into permanent housing solutions. The shelter can support a limited number of guests each evening due to congregate living restrictions. The shelter can accommodate up to 20 individuals per evening on a first come first serve basis. The team works from a housing first model providing shelter support and ongoing housing stability case management support in collaboration with the County of Huron.

Where is Heart to Home located?
The shelter is located at Lakeshore United Church in Goderich. Shelter Hours: 7pm – 8am (No admission after 10pm) Shelter Phone Number: 519-525-5922 (For guests out of town, please call to arrange transportation) Location: Lakeshore United Church; 56 North Street, Front Door Entrance, COVID screening daily and following all recommended public health guidelines for congregate care.

What services does Heart to Home provide?
Congregate living emergency shelter, a hot evening meal option and a light breakfast, access to shower facilities, transportation, on-site security, and professionally trained staff are all included.  

How and when can Heart to Home be accessed?
To access the shelter and services you can call 519-525-5922. The program will be open to guests each day beginning at 7 pm each evening, and will remain open 8am the following day.

The program is available for Huron County residents only.  

“**Transportation for guests from other areas in the County to the shelter will be available. To access transportation services you can call 519-525-5922**

CMHA Huron Perth currently offers individual counselling and case management services for people who experience problematic opioid use, or are on an opioid substitution program, such as methadone or suboxone.

Support is offered to anyone in Perth/Huron counties and can include:

  • Individual counselling supports (identifying triggers, reducing harm, relapse prevention etc.)
  • Support with harm reduction or abstinence-based goals an access to harm reduction supplies
  • Recommendations regarding treatment options
  • Help with understanding opioid dependence and opioid replacement therapy
  • Assistance with adjusting to the program, evaluating taper readiness etc.
  • Referral to both internal and external services and advocacy for the same
  • Case management services (linking client to supports for housing, transportation, health care and finances etc.)
  • Collaboration with methadone prescribers

Peer Outreach

Our Peer Outreach Workers use their own lived experience with mental health and addiction to walk alongside individuals in their own journey of recovery and wellness. They offer not only supportive listening but also help with navigating the mental health, addiction, and health care systems. This service includes supporting people admitted to hospital for mental health or addiction-related concerns, as well as meeting with people in the community. Peer Outreach workers provide support connecting to services including attending appointments, accessing employment and education supports, as well as any number of other tasks that support identified goals as part of the recovery journey.

Phoenix Peer Support Centre

In Stratford, community members are invited to attend the Phoenix Peer Support Centre, which offers a variety of groups and drop-in peer support services for both youth and adults. Staff and volunteers within this program have their own lived experiences with mental health and addiction recovery, and offer supportive listening and facilitation in connecting to other resources as needed. The Centre is a welcoming space that offers not only a space for individual and group support but also fun activities for connection, such as movie nights, games and crafts!

The Pregnancy and Parenting program is a community treatment program designed for people whose substance abuse is directly impacting their parenting. Success is different for every person and the support that the Pregnancy and Parenting program provides will change for every family depending on individual needs. The Pregnancy and Parenting program follows a harm reduction and prevention framework.

The Pregnancy and Parenting provides:

  • Free and confidential counselling to people who live in Huron and Perth counties
  • Goal setting using a harm reduction approach
  • Parenting education and skill-building, support and strategies
  • Information on the effects of substance use on those who are pregnant and/or parenting
  • Withdrawal management options and assistance in applying for residential treatment
  • Community referrals to services that meet the needs of the family
  • Public education

CMHA Huron Perth recognizes that many people struggle with issues related to problematic behaviours. These behaviours may include but are not limited to: Problem Gambling, Problem Gaming, Problem spending/shopping, Pornography/sex, and/or Excessive Internet Use. 

Services include but are not limited to:

·       Support understanding the motivation behind problematic behaviours

·       Goal setting, including strategies to address underlying causes of stress and distress

·       Evaluate and improve coping skills

·       Plans for relapse prevention and response

·       Referral to other community supports and treatment options as appropriate

·       Public education


If you are not a client of CMHA Huron Perth, you can access the program through your family physician or if you don’t have a family physician you can contact your health unit for support.

The STOP Program is a province-wide initiative that delivers smoking cessation treatment and counseling support to eligible Ontario smokers who wish to quit smoking. Our approach is to use the existing healthcare infrastructure as well as new and innovative means to reach smokers from all parts of the province. The program includes a robust research component that evaluates the effectiveness of these various methods of delivering smoking cessation treatment support to smokers across Ontario.

Since its inception in 2005, the STOP Program has provided free smoking cessation medication and counselling support to over 100,000 Ontarians who wanted to quit smoking.

Well-validated research studies have shown that using medications such as Zyban® (bupropion), Champix® (varenicline), and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patch, gum, lozenge, and inhaler can double the chances of quitting smoking. In addition to reaching smokers directly, the STOP Program works in partnerships with community and regional healthcare organizations to make smoking cessation medication and behavioural support available free of charge to patients and clients of these organizations.

This program is available to any client of CMHA Huron Perth and others who wish to quit smoking and do not belong to a Family Health Team.

Supported and Subsidized Housing Program is aimed for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and have mental health challenges. The program enables one to maintain or obtain suitable and affordable housing while receiving support through Case Management Services

Program Objectives

  • To explore client’s interests, abilities, skills, strengths and barriers in order to achieve their housing goal
  • To support clients in accessing existing housing and financial resources within the community
  • To assist clients in accessing tenant information to inform them of their rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Maintain independent housing

Supported Housing of Perth Program (SHOPP) is a highly collaborative Housing First program serving the City of Stratford, Perth County and St. Marys. The program provides housing assistance and wrap around support services to people who are experiencing homelessness from the following priority groups:

  • Youth 16-24 years of age;
  • Adults transitioning from provincial institutions;
  • Families with dependent children who face multiple barriers to housing stability; and Individuals experiencing chronic homelessness (including those who self-identify as Indigenous).

In coordination with the City of Stratford Social Services Department, SHOPP services are delivered in partnership with four agencies:

  • CMHA Huron Perth
  • John Howard Society of London & District
  • Optimism Place Women’s Shelter and Support Services
  • Stratford/Perth Shelterlink

CMHA Huron Perth offers short-term transitional case management for people dealing with addiction related issues, and who experience frequent visits to hospital or who are at high risk and need extra support. This time sensitive support is intended for individuals who require limited and immediate support or require temporary support while awaiting connection other supportive programs and services. The overall goal is to work with clients to create and implement a plan for enhancing stability, connecting with services and meeting the client’s most urgent needs.

In addition to client supports, the Transitional Case Management team offers outreach and is a liaison with other community agencies.

Youth Counselling Program

CMHA Huron Perth offers counselling and support to youth ages 12-18 who are struggling with their own addiction issues, or dealing with addiction issues of a family member or friend. We understand that addiction might be part of bigger concerns happening in young people’s lives, and offer support based on individual needs. Our services are completely confidential, and it is up to the youth who, if anyone else, is involved in their support.

Services offered include:

  • Access to a counsellor in all high schools (both public and Catholic) across Huron and Perth counties
  • Counselling support for youth not currently engaged with traditional schooling, or who would prefer to access support outside of their school environment
  • Support for family members and caregivers of youth dealing with addiction issues
  • Support connecting to other appropriate resources in the community based on individual need

 Youth Community Treatment Program

The Youth Community Treatment Program (YCT) is a flexible treatment program that serves youth ages 12-24 years of age across the Ontario South West (formerly SWLHIN). Under the umbrella of the YCT program offerings, supports include day treatment programming, full day and half day workshops, reoccurring groups and presentations for youth and/or their loved ones. Topics include education about substance use and problematic behaviours (e.g., gaming, social media use), healthy coping strategies, goal setting, managing emotions, healthy relationships, and more. YCT is a collaborative program with youth-serving organizations within this catchment area, and works closely with these organizations for referral and follow up supports.

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